There are 2 models available for consideration depending on your goals / situation.

Model 1 (Kindermusik @School)

This option is very suitable for operators of Kindergartens or preschools, child enrichment & childcare centres. Under this model your school/centre would undertake a school-wide adoption of “Kindermusik @School”, the new award-winning music enrichment program for children age 2 to 6 year olds.

Kindermusik Malaysia will oversee the implementation, provide training to the teachers including periodic reviews & consultation to ensure teaching quality.

Note: No franchise fees or charges are levied for a school-wide adoption program.

Model 2 (Revenue-Sharing)

This option is suitable for current business owners of child enrichment & childcare centre, dance studios, music schools etc who are interested to provide additional programs in their neighbourhood but are not keen to be a certified educators themselves.
For business owners who are also keen to be a licensed educator please sign up here.

Under this model, Kindermusik Malaysia will utilise the facilities/rooms at the centre on specific days in a week to conduct its studio programs. These programs will be taught by licensed Kindermusik educators.

This form of partnership is on a revenue-sharing basis taking into consideration among other things the rental, location, marketing & administration responsibilities. Kindermusik Malaysia will be responsible for providing teachers, curriculum and instrument.

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